Catholic Church Teaching – Core Catholic Beliefs That Many No Longer Follow

People nowadays seem to forget Catholic Church teachings. They prefer to go by what society dictates as what’s normal or moral. However, there are some Catholic Church teachings that need to be revisited as we continue to exist in the 21st century. We need to remember what the Bible teaches us and live accordingly.

There should be no sex until marriage.

Sex is a beautiful and intimate act. The Catholic Church teaches that it is meant solely within the marriage covenant. Many people live together others have sex with mere strangers. They are not living to the Catholic Church teaching. The power to procreate is sacred and should be treated as such. You should only share your greatest gift with your beloved. It’s interesting to see in some Christian communities that purity rings are being given to young adults and that they are pledging to save themselves for marriage.

Adultery is a sin.

Again, we feel that people don’t understand how sacred sex is. You may be tempted to have sex with another person outside of your marriage, but you shouldn’t. Adultery is against the Holy Law of God, breaks the seventh of the 10 Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai, and contradicts Catholic church teaching. Unfortunately, many give in to the temptation of adultery and commit this sinful act. If more people followed the Catholic Church teaching on this important commandment individuals, families, and society would much better off.

Abortion is against Catholic Church teaching.

Even though the Pope had a year of mercy for women who had abortions to bring them back into the fold, abortion is still considered a very grievous sin. Catholics may not support abortion in any way or they are as guilty of sin as a woman having an abortion. Catholics believe that adoption or having the baby is best. Catholics also believe in charity and assistance to young mothers who need this help so that their babies can thrive.

Don’t bear false witness against your neighbor.

Don’t bear false witness is number nine of the Ten Commandments. Many people gossip, commit slander or do other damage to their neighbors’ reputations these days. We think nothing of putting other people down. Many bear false witness in order to ruin another’s reputation or for some type of personal gain. Others bear false witness to make themselves feel superior to others. Some bear false witness just for fun. Bearing false witness is a serious sin, everyone is lovable in God’s eyes. We need to look at others with the eyes of God, not the distorted lenses of our society.

There are many other teachings of the Catholic Church that we could go into. The important thing to remember is to love your neighbor as yourself and love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, body and soul. We know most people’s hearts are in the right places, but they must come back into the fold and live as Heavenly Father and Jesus intended us to. For more information on living the Catholic life, visit our website, We look forward to helping you find the answers.

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